Hamilton-Miller Photography

I grew up in South Africa and developed an interest in photography from an early age. I saved a bought my first SLR camera and lenses at age 12 and continued from there. My father always enjoyed photography and taught me the basics, helped me set up darkrooms and paid for all my processing. Most of what I photographed at first was wildlife on our many trips to game reserves.

After school I started assisting professional photographers in Johannesburg and learnt fortunes from them, in many different aspects, from advertising to fashion, product to portraits. I covered it all in the 6 years I assisted, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In 1999 I went to London, England for what would turn out to be a 10 year stay, instead of the 2 years I had originally planned. I found a few photographic jobs along the way, but ultimately strayed from the photographic world, and found myself working a myriad of different jobs, until getting involved in property management and maintenance. I am still involved in those fields today.

Around 2007, my interest was starting to spark again and the digital photography world was well under way. I got some cash together and purchased my first DSLR, and never looked back really. Soon I was scouring the net to find deals on lenses and gear.

Friends and family took notice of some of my images and began hassling me to do more. I got involved in a few photo blog sites and got some really pleasing feedback, which spurred me on even more.

Once I had left England behind to begin my life with Candice in Milton, Ontario, I really began shooting more and more, and really spent time on editing and learning more of the software available.

Our daughter was born in 2011 and I started capturing some great images of her, which led to doing some work for friends, and then eventually, with fortunes of encouragement from Candice, and others, I opened Hamilton-Miller Photography.

I currently work from my home studio, in Milton, specializing in kids photography, particularly 1st birthday photography, family photography and portraiture. I am also available for commercial and product work.

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