Faqs / What do Canadians do in their spare time?

Canadians, much like South Africans are a sport-loving nation. They love ice hockey! Hockey is like a religion to them, so be warned, never say anything derogatory about hockey.

Kids grow up on an ice rink – be it ice hockey (played by both girls and boys), or figure skating. Some Canadian kids learn to skate when they are as young as 2 or 3 years old. Lacrosse is big here too as is soccer, basketball and baseball. In winter skiing and tobogganing are big and in the summer people tend to hit the lakes – in boats, kayaks, dingy’s or just for a dip. Read the signs though as some lakes are not recommended.

Many Canadians have a cottage – and head to their cottage (North if in Toronto) for most weekends in Spring and Summer. They enjoy beer, BBQ’ing (braaing – although done on a gas braai) and playing sports – often done by kids in the street.

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