Faqs / What Must I bring?

To bring or not to bring…No one can answer this question for you.

You can replace most of your worldly goods here, some items will be better quality, others not and honestly there is no right or wrong,


if you are not planning on bringing your “life” then perhaps spending the $50.00 on the extra suitcase and bringing these items may be something to consider. 

Your SA cell phone
otherwise you will have to invest in one here. The phones here are “networked locked” which means changing your mind later when you know a little more is far more costly and frustrating (see Vaughn’s post, under Skinner)

Your duvet covers
Strangely these cost on average $50+ for a single bed (twin) and about $80+ for a double upwards. They also seem to do more quilts and flat sheets,  than duvet covers and fitted sheets. Mattress seizes are different, in that they tend to be deeper than our’s however you can get fitted sheets in SA that will fit here. If you plan on buying here, expect to pay about $20.00 a fitted sheet.

Although most homes here have blinds, curtains here are way more expensive here than in SA. Expect to pay $30.00 a drop, no lining and at best a meter, meter + plus wide. Kursch rails are also very uncommon, so you will need to invest in curtain rods here, so make sure if you do decide to bring your curtains, they can be threaded as oppsed being hung with hooks.

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