When is a good time to arrive in Canada?

The school year runs from September to June so if you have school-going kids aligning your timing to coincide with the beginning of the school year may be a good idea. There are very distinct seasons in Canada, winters are … Continue reading

What Must I bring?

To bring or not to bring…No one can answer this question for you. You can replace most of your worldly goods here, some items will be better quality, others not and honestly there is no right or wrong, however… if you are not planning … Continue reading

Pet relocating?

It is unusual for Canadians families to have more than one pet – primarily because the cost of kenneling and vet services is exceptionally high. Gardens/yards tend to be smaller than most South Africans are used too. Many South Africans … Continue reading

What furniture should I bring with me?

Bring as much furniture as you can – furniture and household goods are expensive and it’s far more economical to bring your goods with you than to replace here. Depending on where you choose to live you may need to … Continue reading

Car seat?

There are stringent rules about car seats for babies and small kids so be sure the one you are bringing are compliant or buy locally and get them professionally installed.

How do I find a good school district and school?

There are 3 broad schooling systems in Canada – public, private and Catholic. Most kids attend either the public (government run and funded by taxes) or Catholic (run by a Catholic governing body and funded by taxes). School eligibility is … Continue reading

What is an acceptable forms of ID?

Once you have your first Credit card, it does become a form of Identification. In addition your drivers licence is an acceptable form of ID and a proof of residency. So a utility bill with your home address.

Do I need to buy winter clothes and boots?

Winters in Canada can be brutal! You will need a good down jacket and some good snow boots. Kids will need snowsuits and boots. Mitts/Gloves, beanies and scarves are mandatory. Most stores have some good products, and shopping around is … Continue reading

What are the emergency numbers?

One of the first things you will notice about Canada is how safe it is, kids walk to school, play in the street, catch buses and are very independent at quite a young age. However, it is still the real … Continue reading

Rent or Buy? What are my options?

This is a really dependent on your own personal inclination and your ability to buy a house or obtain a mortgage in Canada. Most newbies tend to rent first – this way you get a feel for the city and … Continue reading

How do I get provincial medical cover?

The process varies by province – reference this site as a good starting point. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomers/after-health.asp. Remember that most provinces have 3-6 month waiting periods before you qualify for health cover so you may want to put some emergency cover in … Continue reading

Do I need to re-take my drivers license?

Yes, you will need to retake your license. It is important to have your South African license endorsed – they will provide a letter confirming that you had a valid drivers license in South African and the number of years … Continue reading

What medication should I bring?

Honestly, bring 3-6 months supply of any “must take” medication. Do bring the box and a PI (information on the medication), so you can share the information with your new GP. Bring a good supply of products that you use … Continue reading

Immunization records

Immunization or more commonly known here as inoculations. Make sure you bring these with you on the plane. You will need them to enroll your children in school and they should be current. You may need to have a couple … Continue reading

GPS required?

Absolutely, If you have one that will travel and you can update the maps, bring it with! You will need it just to get out of the airport! Most new cars today come standard with one, however there are those … Continue reading


What are Canadians like?

Canadians are great, they are very welcoming and for a nation that has had to accept a vast number of immigrants from all over the world they do so with grace and diplomacy. They are renowned for being very polite. … Continue reading

What do Canadians do in their spare time?

Canadians, much like South Africans are a sport-loving nation. They love ice hockey! Hockey is like a religion to them, so be warned, never say anything derogatory about hockey. Kids grow up on an ice rink – be it ice … Continue reading

Where to SHOP- when it’s COLD

In case you ain’t in the know, Toronto has a 27 km underground pathway of shops, know as “The Path” PATH facts: Thank you “City of Toronto” According to Guinness World Records, PATH is the largest underground shopping complex with … Continue reading


Yeah, no! Here it’s called GAS! No – not that type of gas either! The word gas when first used in place of Petrol, sounds really foreign and you will “giggle like girls” as you try to get it to … Continue reading

GPS required?

Absolutely, If you have one that will travel and you can update the maps, bring it with! You will need it just to get out of the airport! Most new cars today come standard with one, however there are those … Continue reading

Where to really SHOP!

BLOOR St in Yorkville downtown Toronto! Whether shopping for the hottest trends, stylish classics, or designer fashions, Bloor-Yorkville is a shopper’s paradise! Recognized internationally as one of the top ten shopping destinations, Bloor-Yorkville is often compared to other acclaimed areas … Continue reading

American Visa

Yes, you will need one. If you planing (even if your not) at all in driving south of the border, you will need a USA visitors visa. It would be advisable to obtain this in South Africa before you leave. … Continue reading

So who are those Famous Canadians your are all talking about?

Canada is very fortunate in having an incredible number of very talented and famous people, these include: Justin Bieber- Born March 1, 1994 London, Ontario, Canada. Grew up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada Avril Ramona Lavigne – Born 27 September 1984. … Continue reading

What beer will I drink?

Canadians take their beer pretty seriously – it’s more than just a beverage, it’s an icon! In fact, “The Beer Store” goes out of its way to make sure they offer the biggest and best selection of beer products:over 350 … Continue reading

Useful information

I’m thinking about moving to Canada – what are my options?

Entry into Canada is becoming increasingly difficult. The parameters are constantly changing and the waiting periods for visas are long. But don’t be disheartened, some families move within 12-18 months of making the decision. The best starting point is to … Continue reading

My paperwork is in order, what are my next steps?

Once moving to Canada is a reality you need to decide which city you want to move to. Toronto is a major city within Canada and is the hub for most big business. Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary have the highest … Continue reading


How do I get a Canadian SIN card (Social Insurance Number)?

A Canadian SIN card is important – once you have landed and have your valid visa you need to apply for a SIN card. It’s a very easy process, all you need to do is go to a Service Canada … Continue reading

What is the transport system like? Will I need to buy a car?

The transit systems are superb and depending on where you live you can do with out a car. There is a very good network of railways across the country and regular commutes into the major city centres are done via … Continue reading

Close our SA accounts

Don’t close your SA bank account if you are ever expecting to get retirement monies etc out of SA in the future.