Winter Wonderland!


The Lady Winter has finally arrived in Ontario, brining with her, high winds, cold days and a beautiful dusting of snow.

If your new the Canadian winter, then take the time to invest in some thermal underwear, a good coat, gloves, scarf and “took” (hat/beannie), before heading outside for any extended periods of time.

The GTA offers some wonderful outdoor events during the month of January, some close to home like the Ice Wine Festival in Niagara and other a little further afield, like dog sleighing.

Regardless though, do make the most of this magical period, get out, build snowmen, have snow ball fights, create snow angels or simply talk a walk through the woods that appear enchanted and magical at this time. Remember that the outdoor icerinks are free, there are some good local snow boarding and skiing hills from Glen Eden in Milton, Chicopee in Kitchener and Blue Mountains up north close to Barrie

Lastly for those newbies, Hamilton is the waterfall capital of the world, with over 100 waterfalls to visit and of course the unforgettable Bruce trail is never ending as it stretches from Niagara to Tobermory

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